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TF2 Conversion is a turn-based strategy game for 2 Players. Each Player plays either the Red or Blue Team as they use their units to accomplish the Map's Objectives. 


Development Overview

TF2: The Board Game was not one of my favorite projects, even though it came out to be pretty good. But it does represent an interesting challenge that I had to overcome, namely, how to capture the "feel" of Team Fortress 2 and how to translate that into a board game for two players. Right off the bat, the most obvious thing is, that it is simply impossible to completely capture TF2 and translate it to a board game. Once I realized that, I was free to make changes that would improve gameplay, even if it deviated from the source material.

In TF2, Players take control of one Unit. For a board game, that would be unlikely and not very strategic for a two player game. When you give Players different units to control and perfect information (as in Players can see where every unit is at all times), it changes the flow of the game. TF2: BG became more like an RTS then a shooter, which is vastly different than the digital title, so I had to find other ways to "capture" TF2, and this came by studying the source material and understanding what makes it unique to other First Person Shooters. The two biggest things that were different that I decided to focus on was, the Characters, and the Maps/Objectives.

Being a class project, I was able to play a lot of different TF2 Conversions. Some were pretty good, and others honestly were not (nor were they really TF2). Some Designers never even bothered to look at the source material. Their Characters/Units in the game hardly represented the colorful cast in TF2. For my project, I spent a lot of time tweaking the Movement Speed, Ammo Amount, Fire Rate, Health and Special Abilities of each Character to get as close as possible to what it meant to be that Character in TF2. For example, the Heavy needs to be slow but powerful with plenty of Health. If left alone, he will be destroyed, but with back up and support, he becomes terrifying on the battlefield. It was important for each Character in the game to maintain their purpose from TF2 so this way Players who are familiar with TF2 tactics can translate them into the board game.

What also greatly helps with the transferring of tactics from digital to analog is the Map design and layout. No TF2 map is ever completely flat and always has a large range of high areas, that can see over certain walls, and low areas that allow the Player to sneak past groups of enemies. While having this elevation changes adds complexity to the rules, it was necessary in order to keep the dynamic nature and tactics of TF2.



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