Game Description

Regret is an Isometric Survival-Horror game where the Player is attempting to escape the Castle and the Spirits that lie within the Darkness before it consumes them.


Development Overview

Aesthetic: Discovery
Production Length: 12 Weeks
Completed: April 29, 2011

Custom Engine: Adobe Flash CS5.5
Scripting Language: ActionScript 3.0

Team Name: StrikeForce (4 Team Members)
Team Position: Producer, Animator and Co-Game Designer


When we started this game, we wanted to combine the Survival Horror elements of Resident Evil and combine it with the Progression mechanics of games like Metroid and Legend of Zelda. One thing that we also wanted to make sure was to not have any sort of Combat and we wanted light and dark to be major gameplay and thematic elements of the game. To a degree we achieved these elements. Using ActionScript, we programmed a system that creates multiple masks to simulate the lighting and used that for some of the gameplay and puzzle solving as well as using the torches to help guide the Players around the level. Because of the isometric perspective, we had to come up with a way to create a pseudo 3D engine in a 2D layer based tool. At the beginning stages of development, we had only have had one class going over the basics of the scripting language and were currently taking a class that was going over Engine architecture. So as we were making this game, we were learning how to make the game.


  Contact Information:

Jonathan Gregoire - Game Design


July 2020

Started at Ready at Dawn as a Senior Level Designer on an unnanounced project.


March 2020

Last days at Naughty Dog working on The Last of Us Part II.


September 2019

Shipped the Last of Us Part II press demo level "Patrol".


May 2018

Started working at Naughty Dog as a Contract Single Player Level Layout Designer on The Last of Us Part II


December 2017

I started doing contract work for a start-up company called MyPad3D that focuses on VR experiences for corporate products.


More interestingly, I have begun to prototype my own card game on the side and have been volunteering with Sunbreak Games on an unannounced product.


July 2017

With a heavy heart, E-Line Media has shut down the Seattle studio, laying off everyone including myself. I am currently looking for new opportunities.


November 2016

Began working at E-Line Media again as a Level Designer on an unannounced and untitled game.


October 2016

Updating my website to reflect the work I did on the Forest Song with Colabee Studios. Unfortunately due to funding issues, I am no longer with them, so I am currently looking for new opportunities.


December 2015

Lots of new stuff since I last updated. Added in a short comic I made called Old Debts. Also have put up information about my role(s) on Never Alone and Never Alone: FoxTales.


January 2015

Promoted to Lead Designer on Never Alone: FoxTales at E-Line Media.


Summer 2014

Graduated Digipen as a BAGD and with a Cum Laude. Started working at E-Line Media as a Level Designer.


March 2014

Uploaded a new Beta build of Chained. Also just put up the old builds of the game for anyone interested in our very quick process and progress.


January 2014

I recently wrote a paper that was published for the IGDA about the benefit of Paper Prototyping. You can read it at this following link:!

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