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Hello everyone! I am Jonathan Gregoire and I have been a professional Game Designer since 2013.


Most recently, I was rehired at E-Line Media to work on a brand new game they were developing for the past 9 months. The game unfortunately is unannounced and untitled, and was cancelled when the Seattle studio was shut down recently.


A little while ago, I was the Lead Game Designer at Colabee Studios, working on the First Person Adventure game The Forest Song. The game has recieved a lot of press and excitement, even though it is only in its prototyping phase. The project ended due to a lack of funding.


From June 2014 to July 2015, I worked at E-Line Media as a Level Designer on the well received Never Alone. After shipping Never Alone, I was promoted to Lead Designer on Never Alone: FoxTales where I helped oversee the level/puzzle design and narrative workings of the DLC.


Working at E-Line and getting to work on such an already beloved franchise was really amazing, but I have also started my next step in the industry and am no longer at E-Line or Colabee Studios. (Hence the long over due website update)

A few other quick bits about me, I was the Creative Director on the award winning Chained, my final Game Project at Digipen Institute of Technology and I got my start as a professional Game Designer through the no award winning Roller Coaster Rampage.

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Also, don't forget to check out my Resume.

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Jonathan Gregoire - Game Design


December 2017

I started doing contract work for a start-up company called MyPad3D that focuses on VR experiences for corporate products.


More interestingly, I have begun to prototype my own card game on the side and have been volunteering with Sunbreak Games on an unannounced product.


July 2017

With a heavy heart, E-Line Media has shut down the Seattle studio, laying off everyone including myself. I am currently looking for new opportunities.


November 2016

Began working at E-Line Media again as a Level Designer on an unannounced and untitled game.


October 2016

Updating my website to reflect the work I did on the Forest Song with Colabee Studios. Unfortunately due to funding issues, I am no longer with them, so I am currently looking for new opportunities.


December 2015

Lots of new stuff since I last updated. Added in a short comic I made called Old Debts. Also have put up information about my role(s) on Never Alone and Never Alone: FoxTales.


January 2015

Promoted to Lead Designer on Never Alone: FoxTales at E-Line Media.


Summer 2014

Graduated Digipen as a BAGD and with a Cum Laude. Started working at E-Line Media as a Level Designer.


March 2014

Uploaded a new Beta build of Chained. Also just put up the old builds of the game for anyone interested in our very quick process and progress.


January 2014

I recently wrote a paper that was published for the IGDA about the benefit of Paper Prototyping. You can read it at this following link:!

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